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Helpful Resources to Address Issues

Would you like to benefit from:

  • Advice rooted in experience in senior roles in general management and hr management and professional qualifications?
  • Tips to address people and organisational issues?
  • Insight into our approaches to resolve issues?

‘Yes’ then I invite you to view the resources and notes below.

1  Recent Articles and Blog Posts

You can our recent articles and posts via the following links:

  • The legal requirements for calculating holiday pay will lead to increased costs for some but not all employers. The Supreme Court has ruled [1] that the relevant law is strict as to the holiday entitlement and method of calculating holiday […]
  • Managers may believe that it is wise to automaticially resist a Tribunal claim. Their aim is to wear the employee down and hope that he/she will give up or settle for a small sum. Appropriate maybe, if there was nothing […]
  • Updated 8 Feb 2022 New temporay regulations have been passed so that a self-certificate may now cover up to 28 calendar days incapacity from work. Up to now, a self-certificate covered only 7 calendar days which has been the case […]

HR Management Dimensions blog for CEOs, Head Teachers, Directors and Managers;

Sharing of ContentYou are welcome to share articles and extracts with your colleagues or friends provided that you acknowledge the source and copyright whenever the article is shared by whatever means in whole or in part.  Details of the copyright and source are normally stated at the end of each blog article or page for convenience.   This also applies to our main website and Key HR Facts.

Please note that the copyright of images may be held by other persons as may the copyright of any articles or references to which we refer.

2  Key HR Facts

This is a handy and quick reference to key facts on employment rights to help busy managers. It gives tips on points that are often overlooked as well as the current statutory rates of pay, leave, working time, compensation – view at Key HR Facts

3  Our Main Web Site

Our main web site outlines different approaches we adapt to meet the needs of senior managers in deciding which are the preferred options to tackle issues and to be confident about the way forward.   You can read more on our main web site HR Management Dimensions

4  Keep Up to Date with Developments

By following us on Twitter you will be kept informed of:

  • Developments in hr management practices;
  • Implications of changes to employment law

5  Discuss Questions or Issues with Us

Alternatively, If you wish to discuss an issue with us, contact Jim Harrington by:

  • either leaving a message (use the message tab on the side of this page) or
  • phone us etc. as explained on the Contact us page

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