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Your Context

The context of your organisation is fundamental to the way ahead. Yet many hr initiatives and strategies fail to take it into account which leads to higher costs and wasted time. Reasonable risks may need to be taken to get back on track - which is when objective hr management advice, borne of experience, is called for - so that senior managers may take a measured view of the options and any risks.

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The Real Issues

Do not become side tracked by: i) wishful thinking about your context; ii) allowing your team to create obstacles; iii) HR exaggerating the constraints of employment law. Do make time to obtain commercially focused hr expertise that will provide appropriate advice on the HR strategies which will reinforce progress towards your organisation's goals and deal with the real people and organisational issues.

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The Way Forward

That may involve for example: A maverick senior manager; Organisation wide changes; Revising HR strategies, processes and/or contractual terms. Experienced hr advisers make your path easier especially when risks may need to be taken. Find out how our experience in your context will enable you and your management team to make progress - contact Jim Harrington by leaving a message (see tab on right hand side) or call him as noted below.

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Take a Key Step Now

Contact Jim Harrington, Director, to discuss your issues and what you wish to achieve. You will then be reasssured about the help he can provide. Click on the picture above to see different ways to contact Jim. Read our blog articles to gain more insight into our work.

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