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Your current and future context taken into account

Effective outcomes re people & organisational issues

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Your Organisation's Context

The current and future context are key to the way ahead. Yet many hr initiatives fail to take those into account which leads to higher costs, wasted time and lost opportunities. Advice should focus on: moving forward; addressing the real issues; helping managers to take a realistic view of the options and minimising the risks.

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Be Realistic About the Issues

Tempted to omit some issues as they are too sensitive? Doing so may undermine a durable way forward. Get the facts and develop consensus about the priorities. Do not be side tracked by hr staff exaggerating the effect of employment laws and managers playng internal politics. Not as easy as it sounds? You are right hence read the next column.

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Appropriate Ways Forward

Objective hr and operational expertise will give you insights into the way ahead in your context. You and your team will become confident that there are appropriate ways forward and the risks are manageable. Find out how our experience will enable you and your management team to make progress - contact Jim Harrington as noted in the next column.

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Take That Important First Step Now

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